Integrated Communications (Assignment)

Sola · April 26, 2018

The many different ways of communicating with customers, both inside and outside the organisation.

Marketers need to communicate effectively with internal stakeholders and customers. This module will provide you with the skills to assist in developing communications to build sustainable relationships.

Aims of the module

This module aims to enable understanding of the importance of effective internal and external communications in building sustainable relationships and delivering customer value. It provides the opportunity to recognise the importance of communications planning in delivering marketing solutions. It explains how the concept of product and brand management can enable organisations to deliver customer value. It outlines the components of the marketing communications mix and enables understanding of integrated marketing communications (IMC) planning.

Module structure

Three units with two learning outcomes each. Each learning outcome will be covered by the related assessment criteria (weighting indicated in brackets).

Assessment: Assignment

  • Assessed by assignment based on a given scenario and an organisation of choice.

Assignment Brief

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